The Winery

Located in a hill, the cellar is a space with a magnificent view over the property and over the Douro valley. It is the result of the rehabilitation of a 19th century winemaking center that included the traditional structures necessary for winemaking. The various buildings are examples of traditional Douro schist construction and have been carefully renovated to retain all their character.

These include two warehouses, a small dwelling and a space with traditional granite mills suitable for the “step on foot” fermentation process. All traditional characteristics were maintained side by side with new and technologically advanced winemaking equipment, creating the ideal conditions for the production of high quality wines. At present, the facilities are equipped with modern crushing and destemming equipment, smooth reassembly and pressing systems, a functional liquid circulation network and in addition to the mills there are stainless steel fermentation tanks with temperature control and automatic reassembly system.


The winery has a storage capacity in stainless steel vats of over 60,000 liters and two air-conditioned warehouses, one for aging in oak barrels, with a capacity for more than 50 hulls and the other for storing bottled product. The housing unit was renovated, accommodating two bedrooms, a small kitchen and a tasting room characterized by a wide view over the valley of the river Douro.

The combination of qualified professionals and the exceptional conditions for winemaking, are the factors that enable the production of high quality wines that have already earned distinctions in the most important international events in the industry.

Quinta da Veiga wines are exclusively produced with grapes from our property.