The Tourism

The main building of Quinta da Veiga is currently open as a tourist house in rural areas. The building complex dating from the 18th century is the most important unit built on the Quinta. The buildings, mostly in shale, consisted of warehouses, a two-story house and spaces with shale mills. The main objective of the project for this tourist unit was to rehabilitate and maintain the character of the traditional architecture of the Douro region and the existing structures adapted to a new function.

A new wing was built in a balanced and harmoniously integrated way with the existing built bodies. The two-storey building has an area of about 900 m2 and consists of a body embedded in the land, perfectly framed in the structure of the landscape and vineyards that compose it. The first floor consists of the reception, seven rooms and a suite. Given their south orientation, they benefit from a panoramic view over the Douro River and its landscape.

The ground floor consists of the social and service areas. The social areas include a lounge, a TV room, a games room, a reading room, a business center and a dining room. All these spaces extend visually and physically to the outside terrace, where the Douro valley is the setting.

The Quinta da Veiga house also features high-quality outdoor spaces framed by the surrounding landscape and which in turn benefit the architectural unity of the buildings. The living areas, viewpoints and circulation spaces allow an outdoor experience in a close relationship with the landscape.

The outdoor space includes a pool located on a lower platform exposed to the south, close to the vineyards. Its location and elongated rectangular shape accentuates the relationship with the magnificent panoramic view over the Douro River.

The location, the landscape and the heritage character of the Douro valley give Quinta da Veiga and its house unique characteristics associated with a unique living experience.